Scarf length?

I am making a couple of scarves for a charity drive. I mention that because I don't know who the eventual recipient will be, so I can't guess or ask how long a scarf they would like.

What would you say is the average length for a scarf for a woman's scarf, and for a man's? These are intended to be regular outerwear type scarves, although I'm making them out of boucle yarn and they are not super-heavy. Also, they will not have any fringe on them.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

another new website

If you knit, or know someone who does, please check out my new website:

Buy yourself or a friend a little pressie!

In other news:

1) Dreamweaver + Paypal shopping cart = headache
(Paypal Merchant Support Guy: "Oh, you're using Dreamweaver aren't you?" Me: "ugh.")

2) Aren't you glad you don't live in Boston or work for the marketing team on Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

3) All mammals in my house like ramen :)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8

Yes, you did read that correctly - Joss Whedon is doing Season 8 of Buffy.

Of course there's a catch :) It's a comic book.

Joss decided to go ahead and do the 'virtual season 8' of Buffy, and I'm ordering them for those that want them. I plan to order each issue for you, until you tell me to stop. Not sure how many there are going to be - my distributor hasn't told us. I don't think it's going to be as short as the nine issue Firefly comic a couple years ago, but I'm not sure he intends to keep it going forever. But then, it's Joss - who knows?

Here's a picture of the cover of the first issue (if you click it you'll see a larger version), and the blurb from my distributor. If you want me to order them for you, leave a note in the comments. I'll need to know by January 29th if you want in. First issue will probably arrive in two to three months. Cover price is $2.99; I'll cover tax for CA residents.


Since the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers-newly legion-have gotten organized and are kicking some serious undead butt. But not everything's fun and firearms, as an old enemy reappears and Dawn experiences some serious growing pains . . . Buffy creator Joss Whedon brings Buffy back to Dark Horse in this direct follow-up to season seven of the smash-hit TV series. Joss Whedon writes Season 8! Only available at Dark Horse! Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ & © 2007 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. TM designates a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
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smile is up!

Click on the banner to get there...

Now the artists among you have a place to put your banner ads. Or, you can do both and, as some folks I know could fit at both sites easily.

In other news, still freezing here in SoCal...
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A site that I've been thinking about for a while, and working on feverishly (while in a slower-than-I'd-like dealer's room last weekend) for the last few days, is done, up, and live. I present - click the banner to go to the site:

Now all you friends of mine who are dealers - buy an ad! Link to this site on your site! (Steal the banner above or let me send you a bigger one.) Pass the word around to your friends! I'd really like this site to be a resource for science fiction dealers all over - at the very least, we'll all have our sites listed in one place that doesn't change when a convention is over :)

And, I didn't forget those of my friends that are artists as well as dealers, or who consider themselves more artist than dealer. will be up in another day, as soon as I switch the code around and make up the new Paypal buttons.

Yeah, I been busy.
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Autumn Swap is Out!

blergh - no more swaps during the holidays, I swear!!

Eleven little padded envelopes went to the post office today, to be sent all across the country - yes literally - and even one to Canada. I ship a lot (eBay store) and see the same post ladies most of the time - so I did explain to Tiffany why it was that I had all the little padded envelopes. She thought it was cool that we did a swap!

Total postage cost for everything was $9.13. Total money I received was $11 USD and $2 CDN. I'm saving the left over monies to use in the next swap. On the average, most folks bags were .87 to mail, so I think the $1.00 for postage is right, as long as we have around 20 or so markers in a swap. If we get larger amounts of markers, we may have to increase that.

Anyway, I'm going to wait to post the pictures until the weekend so most people get a chance to get their packets. Because we only had twelve swappers afterall, everyone ended up getting two from everyone else, and one of your own returned. It actually worked out great this way.

This swap was really cool. Sorting them out and packing them up I felt like I was surrounded by creativity! You'll see what I mean when you get your markers. Now when people see your knitting and ask what that little charm is, you can tell them that they were made by your new friends online :)

I'll post the info for sign up for the new swap later tonight. I've changed the dates a little to avoid the whole holiday thang - sign up will be by January 15th, with markers in the mail to me by February 15th, and packed out on March 1st. Then the new round will begin with sign ups by March 15th.

Take care!! Liz

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It's 5:00 a.m. Someone just drove down my street (a cul de sac) with Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' blaring on their car stereo.
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